An untraditional way 
of interpreting denim

Peppino Peppino

PeppinoPeppino denim aims to deliver a unique, artisan product to each consumer by which redefining the fashion experiecence, opposite from the “mass market” approach. We are a small operation with a responsible mindset. Our idealogy is in pratice through our tighly woven community of vintage dealers, who we rely on for inspiration, our artisan producers, who translate our concept to reality and the pioneering shops without which we would not be able to offer this unique premiun product to you, our stylish consumers. Through our localized product development and production in Italy, our more responsible wash techniques, the vegan back patches and deadstock materials, our collections are curated with a conscience, fostering longevity and delivering timeless, everlasting products.


Our mantra is simply to bring disruption to the conformed world of denim. We challenge the traditional constraints of fashion. We dismiss the confinement of genders and generation. We aim to outfit those who share this mind set of freedom. PeppinoPeppino denim is for all. At PeppinoPeppino we believe in reflection, resurrection and reinvention.These core principles echo the true spirit of sustainability. Each PeppinoPeppino piece is not only a jeans, it is a derivative of a unique, handpicked piece from times otherwise forgotten. We are driven by the beauty and authenticity of time honoured silhouettes. PeppinoPeppino embraces the past to form the future.