An untraditional way 
of interpreting denim

Noumeno Concept

Noumeno Concept is the brainchild of a collective of people united by a strong interest in art and creativity applied to fashion, culture, lifestyle, and design.
Since our first collection in 2018, we have been conceiving and producing every piece in Veneto, Italy a region that stands out for its high production quality. This has always meant to us engaging in sustainable production, caring about the well-being of our workers as well as that of the end customer; it means today as well being aware of the quantity of waste and the damage to the environment created by mass production and consumption, and giving our customers a design that will not fade after one season but will gain value over time. We desire to create a product with a strong soul and personality and speaking a simple, clean, and green language.


We favor basic and natural fabrics that help us give great emphasis to the volumes and details of the garments. We use high quality organic materials such as cotton, wool, denim and boiled wool. The idea is to start from the simple things that surround us and give them a new and personal interpretation.

Made in Italy
We use high quality materials such as cotton, wool, denim and boiled wool. Cotton is the natural fiber we consider as our trademark. Many of our garments but above all our basics par excellence, sweatshirts and t-shirts, are 100% cotton. Noumeno Concept is conceived and made in Italy.

We design and produce our garments in Italy and precisely in Veneto to achieve our ideal of quality. We believe in sustainable production and support local trade now more than ever. We invite you to the stores who have chosen Noumeno Concept to experience our garments.